The Bridge Between Life & Death is a desperately beautiful record, with chimes, choirs and orchestral sounds echoing the lush landscapes of Reykjavik and beyond. An obscure, but valid option for the Mercury Music Prize [2013]“.- Gigwise

“Folk textures with a fragmented sense of electronics, ‘The Bridge Between Life & Death’ is worthy of comparison to the likes of Four Tet’s breakthrough album ‘Rounds’.” - Clash

“The Verge Of Winter carries an appealing ruggedness: those xylophones reverberate forcefully and the potential for the piano and strings to take a turn for the quaint is knocked back by the snippets of howling wind and the later obtrusive siren calls.” - Dummy

“Zoon lifts you out of your body to let you think about your life.” -
Electronic Sound Magazine

“This is the best Bristol/Icelandic combination this side of Massive Attack collaborating with Bjork.” - Data Transmission

“A fragile, organic masterclass in modern, classical leaning, electronic music production” The 405

“an ambient masterpiece”Gogoyoko

“…a splendorous, intricate tapestry.”Igloo Magazine

“So restrained is the piece as a cohesive whole that the sensations it evokes recall those of being caught in a blizzardy moment of undiluted awe at the natural beauty of raging snowfall.” Dots & Dashes

“…grandiose and beautifully haunting instrumentals” - Deftune

“An actually quite wondrous slice of wistful electronica.” Dumb Bass

“Stunningly beautiful” Harder Blogger Faster


bleep found   Gigwise Mercury

405 (II)        warmer climes

Gola zoon    Iceland Rev Online

disco belle 2            Perrier Gaits

dummy verge      Dots & Dashes

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Erol Alkan

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